Hindustan Nylons is leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of PTFE products from Miraj, Sangli district, Maharashtra state, in India.

Manufacturing facility of PTFE Products: Hindustan Nylons

Hindustan Nylons has modern, manufacturing facilities of Standard & Machined PTFE Products, comprising Hydraulic Presses, Electric Ovens, Ram Extrusion Machines, CNC Lathes, Milling Machines, Skiving Machines to cover entire range of the products under one roof. The present manufacturing capacity (2019) of group is about 20000 Kgs per month, utilizing almost 75%, & expansion at the rate of 10% per annum is being carried out.

Engineering Profile of PTFE Products Manufacturer: Hindustan Nylons

Hindustan Nylons offers engineering assistance & technical services to design & develop PTFE products from concept to full manufacture after detailed study of service conditions & applications. It guides on material selection & product design to optimize the unique properties of various grades of PTFE through reverse engineering & testing in in-house test laboratory.

Quality Assurance system of PTFE Products: Hindustan Nylons

Hindustan Nylons work on Quality Management System from input of PTFE Resin up to output PTFE Products & Certified ISO 9001-2008 company. The company work of unique, self designed quality management system for manufacturing PTFE Products, controlling & assuring the quality at every stage of manufacturing. The other engineering concepts such as 5S, TQM are being implemented for continual improvement.

Hindustan Nylons assumes the responsibility of continuous improvements of products & services through innovative engineering & newest technology to achieve the TOTAL CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION.